....Lalov demonstrated a deep and serious approach, but also with some  spectacular moments


......The Bulgarian conductor was able to delineate with absolute precision the pages of Mozart, while with  Schumann he made ​​the Orchestra to display its most endearing romantic vein


........Lalov leads and loves the orchestra, especially (since he is an accomplished violinist) the strings, and prepared them for the "liberated" performance, ........ with intimately sculpted melodies, especially underlined in highly expressive central light movement, finally and serenity, even gaiety, and deep emotion, though interspersed with lines of pain, marked the lecture of this eternal Mozart's composition, which the numerous visitors also cheered long time after the final notes.



..Conducted by Nicolay Lalov,  this great work  (the 9th symphony ) became an experience of  very special kind.


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As a gest conductor:


March 21th

Cascais Symphony Orchestra 


A.Dvorak - Overture  Vanda

J.Brahms- Concerto for piano Nº 1

J.Sibelius - Symphonia Nº 5 

February 8th

Bulgarian Radio Symphony Orchestra 


A.Dvorak - Overture  Vanda

P.I.Tchaikovsky - Rococco variations 

J.Brahms - Symphonia Nº 1 

January 23th

San Remo Symphony Orchestra 


L.Boccherini - Symphony

W.A.Mozart - Violin Concetro Nº 5

J.Haydn  - Symphony Nº 62

January 5th

Cascais Symphony Orchestra 


The Strauss family 


December 14th

Cascais Symphony Orchestra 


S.Rachmaninof - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

J.Brahms - Symphonia Nº 1 

November 9th

Orchestra Symphonieta Sofia


J.S. Carvalho - Oveertura "L'Amor Industrioso"

Fr.Schreker - Intermezzo

P.Sarassate - Romanca Andaluza

W.A.Mozart - Symphonia N' 41 "Jupiter"

June 15th

Cascais Symphony Orchestra 


E.Greeg - Norwegian Dances op.35

E.Elgar - Concerto for Cello 

D. Schostakovich - Variety Suite

March  9th

Cascais Symphony Orchestra 


L.V. Beethoven - Symphonia Nº 5

L.V.Beethoven - Fantasia Coral

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